Easy Security Tips for your PC

Most people think that installing anti-virus software is the only step they need to protect their computer and the data stored on it. Unfortunatly it is not, anti virus software is just the first step. In this post I will share some easy and simple tip fro protecting your computer.
1. Update the antivirus every day. Yes, I said every day. Information technology (IT) is a science that grows every day. Hece, every day there are new improvements, virus, new threatens. You must consider that an antivirus that an obsolete antivirus database will soon become useless, like having no antivirus.
2. Passwords. I will not suggest to have single password for each account, as I'm aware that we easily have many web accounts (email, facebook, youtube, different banks or cards). However, some 3 passwords is a good number. We can easily repeat 2 or 3 password for all our accounts. Besides, it is important that the passswords should have some length and combination of alfanumeric characters.
3. Careful with your wifi. Home Wi-Fi networks can easily be found by scanners on laptops, smartphones and stand-alone devices. Most people have learned to secure them with password-based encryption, but there are still a lot of holdouts. So, be sure to make it always private or even invisible
4. Be sure that it is a secure website. Nowadays, for a hacker is very easy to create a fake security website asking for passwords. I suggest to use of the 'https' protocol, which means that the site is encrypted, and a green bar indicating that the owner of the site has gone through extended validation by a Certificate Authority like DigiCert to prove the organization's identity
5. Turn on your firewall. A good firewall helps to prevent others from getting connected to your machine, whether you're in a coffee shop, home or office, and will notify you if someone is trying to connect
6. Don't open pop-ups or unexpected attachments. Things that arrive unexpectedly on your browser screen or in your email inbox are often malicious and may download malware onto your computer. Just by clicking the pop-up or opening the email attachment, and you might be executing the virus.

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