Garbage patch in lakes

All the garbage produced and wasted will eventuallyend up in the oceans and major water bodies. Then, currents will turn it into micro particles and accumulate them into certain areas creating the so called garbage patch. Such GP poses a big threat to marine ecosystem. It looks like food to fish, birds and other creatures. This garbage is undigestible, and once swallowed it fill the animals stomach creating a fatal blockage
Image 1. Debris extracted from water bodies

In a previous post we introduced those so called garbage patch and showed that they are present in all the oceans. Unfortunately, such garbage patches are not exclusively in the oceans. They are also present in other major water bodies.

Some time ago, scientists found garbage patch in the great lakes. Moreover, they found that the concentration of poly aromatic hydrocarbons is twice the concentration found at the oceans. Other particularity of such lakes garbage patch is the predominance of micro plastic particles smaller than 1 millimeter.

Considering that current brings together all floatable materials, e.g. plastic and other thrash, understanding the circulation patterns of water bodies may help the study of such patches.Thus, in an effort to understand the spread of plastic debris and garbage patches, researchers are working on exploratory projects for detecting plastic debris and accumulation areas. For instance, water circulation patterns (image 2) may easily allow to detect potential debris areas.
Image 2. Water current patterns of the great lakes
Source: NOAA

The problem (garbage patch in water bodies) exists. Garabage patches were found in all the oceans and some lakes. It is very likely that garbage patches are (o will be) present in other water bodies. we must be conscious of plastics that we use and dispose of. Try using reusable water bottles and shopping bags. Try using products with less packaging and avoid single use plastics. The more we reduce plastics consumption, the cleaner we can keep our oceans.

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