Forceeffect: A structural analysis Application

A structural analysis software

Usually engineers rely on structural analysis software for the analysis and design of any type of structural system. Nowadays there are several structural analysis software products. Among the most popular ones we can mention SAP2000, ETABS, RAM, STAAD pro or ROBOT. However, such softwares have a high computing cost (so do an economic cost) and need to be run on computers at the office. Thus, it is difficults for the field engineer to perform some fast calculations. In the last years smart phones and tables changed the ways we use computers. Everyday new smart phones and tablets application are available. Application with engineering application are not an exception. Some years ago popular enginnering software like AutoCAD and ESRI ArcGIS became available as online applications. Now structural software application joined the list. 

Figure 1. Sample bridge project.
Source: Forceeffect

Autodesk Forceeffect

Some time ago Autodesk released Forceeffect, a free application for structural analysis. Autodesk Forceeffect allows creating a structure with different types of support, different elements and subject to different forces. Then, it shows how the forces are distributed over the elements and the stresses the elements are subject to. Moreover, the user can easily modify the structure by just drag and drop the elements of the structure and the results are automatically updated. If this is not enough, the user is able to save and to generate html from the design. Moreover, in order to improve the presentation of the results Forceeffect also allows importing a background image to base the design. The following images show the application of Forceeffect for design of a bridge (Figure 1) and a backhoe (Figure 2). There are 16 sample projects and a users community. Forceeffect is free; the user only need to create an Autodesk account (in case is not a member yet) and sign in. The following video shows an introduction to Forceeffect.

Figure 2. Sample backhoe project
Source: Forceeffect

In this video you can see an introduction to Forceeffect

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