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How to stay healthy during an international move

Dealing with international relocation during the coronavirus outbreak is difficult, to say the least. Not only do you have to tackle all the issues regarding a standard international move, but you also have to worry about staying healthy and safe throughout it. So, is it even possible to move safely during this outbreak? Well, it is. But, in order to stay healthy during an international move, there are a couple of things you need to take care of in advance. Therefore, to make your relocation safer, we are going to go over the necessary safety measures.
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Strengthening your immune system

The biggest danger of COVID-19 is that it is highly contagious. While we still cannot give you the exact figures, since these things take years to test properly, we can safely say that it is far more contagious than the flu. Therefore, it is terribly difficult to avoid. This is why, in order to stay healthy during your long-distance move, your best bet is to first boost up your immune system. And, seeing that there are certain misconceptions about boosting one's immune system, we are going to give you a quick guide to how to make your immune system as strong as possible.

Let's start off with food. After all, while it is possible for you to have a lean figure and eat poorly, you simply cannot keep yourself healthy and continue to do so. Therefore, if you want to stay healthy during an international move, you need to have a well-balanced diet. This means a well-balanced diet with proper nutritional value for your age and average daily activity. If you've planned on trying out a new diet, now is not the time to do so. Instead, you need to stick with something that is tried and true.
Veal stakes with asparagus and tomatoes.
Having a well-balanced diet is essential for keeping a strong immune system.
Vitamins and supplements can help, but they are by no means a substitute for a proper diet. And, while coffee and sugar are quite common in our culture, we would advise you not to go overboard with them. Know that there will be times when you'll lack energy and when you'll need that extra bit to help you function. And the more caffeine you take on a regular basis, the less of an effect is it going to have. So, try to save it for when it counts.


A similar thought process that goes for organizing your diet should go into organizing your exercise. Again, there is no substitute for having a well-rounded, regular workout regimen. Now, does this mean that you need to train like a professional athlete? Of course not. Instead, you need to find something that is fun and that helps your body feel well. Again, don't try something overly creative or new. The last thing you need is to get injured before your international move. Instead, stick with something that helps you lower stress and prepare for the difficult tasks ahead.


Once you take a more in-depth look into it, you will see that it is quite hard to overstate the importance of sleep. Too many people nowadays are willing to forgo sleep in order to do extra work or simply have a bit more fun. In both cases, this is the wrong approach to have. A constant lack of sleep does not only inhibit your cognitive function, but also lowers your immune system. So, trust us when we tell you, get your 8 hours regularly before and during your international move.

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Do not sacrifice your sleep unless you absolutely have to.

Preparing for the relocation

Now, unfortunately, not all people can simply stay healthy during an international move and keep the coronavirus at bay. If you are a person that has chronic health issues, or if you already have a compromised immune system, simply boosting it may not be enough. So, in order to stay healthy while moving during the coronavirus outbreak, there are a couple of extra measures that you need to put into effect. Furthermore, in order to keep your items safe, you might want to consult with an experienced international moving company like Easy Move KW.

Safety measures

In essence, there are two things that you should do in order to keep yourself safe.
  1. Wash your hands regularly.
  2. Wear a facemask while you are either outside or you are inside with other people.
Do that, and you will considerably reduce the risk of getting infected with COVID-19. Apart from that, you should practise social distancing and all the other measures that your state has recommended. But, since you are moving internationally, you may not be able to adhere to all of them. So, the two we've outlined should be always on your mind.
A person washing their hands in order to stay healthy during an international move.
Only by wearing a facemask and by regularly washing your hands will you be able to stay healthy during an international move.

Should you disinfect your items?

Some of you may wonder whether you should distinct your items before packing them. Well, no. All things considered, this will only be a waste of time and disinfectant. You can disinfect your items after moving in, but even this will probably be redundant.

Packing procedure

When it comes to packing for an international move, you should probably leave it to your movers. While you may want to minimize your interaction with them as much as possible, having them pack you is the safest option. If they do so, they will be able to pretty much guarantee the safe transport of your belongings. Know that international moving can be quite unforgiving, and the more mishaps and oversights you manage to avoid, the better.

Final tips on how to stay healthy during an international move

The chaos of coronavirus has us all a bit startled and frightened. But, if you are a person that is usually healthy, you needn’t worry too much if you stay careful. Implement the measures we've outlined, hire a decent company that can help you pack, and plan your move on time. Do that, and you can rest assured that you will stay healthy during an international move.

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