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1 Million most hacked passwords

From email to social media or even bank accounts, we all have personal and sensitive data on the cloud. We think that such valuable information is “secure” with a personal user generated password. Unfortunately, passwords are not as strong as we think. For instance, in this post we provide a list with the 1 Million most hacked passwords; Is your passwords in this list? 

List of most hacked passwords

Passwords are being hacked every day. Some users blame the provider for their insecurity. A recent breach analysis from the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) found that 23.2 million hacked accounts around the world used “123456” as password. Now, who do you blame?

There are lot of recommendations for selecting a strong password. In previous posts we provided useful tips for selecting a password; or even better, to consider a passphrase instead of password.

Avoid using the most hacked passwords

An important tip is to discard passwords that have already been hacked. Security centres and also hackers usually share (or sell) databases with hacked passwords. 

Some time ago, the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre has published a global password risk list containing the 100K most hacked passwords. More than 35 million accounts were hacked with this list.

The list includes not only single word passwords but also multiple-words passwords. Analyzing the data, the words can be divided into 5 categories:
  1. Random letters such as qwerty or £edc
  2. Names such as Ashley or Daniel
  3. Sports teams such as Liverpool or arsenal
  4. Music names such as blink182 or Eminem
  5. Fictional characters such a superman or Naruto

The table figure shows 5 the most hacked passwords for each category:
worst password combinations

Get the 1 Million most hacked passwords

We are compiling a list with the 20 million most hacked passwords. Meanwhile, we share the 1 Million most hacked passwords (999 999 passwords). The file is quite big for being uploaded. Thus, please follow this link and fill the form if you would like to receive the list.


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