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Tips for a green exercise routine - do something good for yourself and for the planet

Beautiful mountain landscape, representing tips for a green exercise routine
Our planet is a beautiful place to live, and even more perfect place to work out! Go outside, and implement these tips for a green exercise routine!
 Staying healthy and in shape is a necessity for every human being. You might not understand the meaning of this sentence until you get at a certain age. Young people often do not think about health, just as they might not think about recycling until they realize the consequences. That is not the case for every young person, but for the majority it is. Combining health and recycling principles is a way to help both yourself and our planet. That is why you should start implementing green exercise routines so you can do something good for yourself and the planet!

What are the green exercises?
Exercising "green" means doing any type of recreational exercise in nature. It is highly beneficial, both for your physical and mental health. It is a fact that just being in nature greatly helps your body, and if you add exercises to it, it becomes better and better.

With that in mind, how can we combine exercising and taking care of our planet? If you look at nature's top scientific news, you will see that recycling and "going green" has become popular in all sectors of our lives. Why not do the same thing when exercising?

A simple walk in the park
Unfortunately, due to the technology surrounding us, people have forgotten one of the most important activities of all living beings - walking! We spend hours and hours per day, sitting in front of our computer or TV screens. Then, we ride on a bus, or in a car, because we have to be somewhere sometimes. What comes naturally is weight issues.

Walking keeps our motor running, and helps our body to stay active. It may sound funny that such a small and seemingly easy activity plays such an important role in our lives.

A man running on a dirt road.
Running is not a favorite way of exercising for may people. Nevertheless, it is extremely beneficial to our body.

For beginners, you can allocate an hour or two to go outside, stroll around your neighborhood, and enjoy a breath of fresh air. For those who would like to do more, you can join mountaineering clubs and go on planned hikes in the forest.

Climbing and exploration
A more advanced way of hiking is climbing and exploration. If you become a member of a climber's association, you will experience some of the best adventures out there. While it does take a certain amount of risk, with proper training and safety rules, you will become addicted to climbing.

However, it is worth saying that this activity is not for everyone. Especially not for those who have a fear of heights!

Riding a bike is one of the more popular ways of exercising outdoors. Not only is it great for your body, but it is also a lot of fun. And, it is a great way to vent and relieve any stress you might have.
Both walking and biking are great alternatives for riding on a bus or in a car. Instead of polluting the air with toxic car exhaust, jump on a bike! It is important to know that biking helps you to strengthen your whole body.

Doing yoga
More and more people are practicing yoga every year. This healthy activity originated in India, and it's been practiced by many people for over 5000 years. Yoga is a fantastic way to not only keep your body active but help it develop past the limits you thought you have.

Stretching and breathing exercises are beneficial to your health and growth. Furthermore, women who are expecting a baby often practice yoga. It helps them relax and stay calm in stressful situations.
A drawing of a woman doing yoga, with her feet as roots and her hands as branches of a tree.
Yoga is an ancient art of helping our body and mind to connect with nature.

Even though it seems like an easy activity, once you try it, you will learn how hard it actually is. Best of all, these high-intensity workouts can be done anywhere, whether you are in the coziness of your home, or outside, in the park.

Free workout
One of the most favorite green exercise routines is a free workout. A lot of parks have benches and poles for exercising, and you will often see many young people spending a few hours outside, working out. Free workouts are difficult but rewarding.

Anyone who enjoys going to a gym should try free workout sessions at some time. Some of the best exercises you can try are exercises with your own weight, without using any exercising equipment.

Tips for a green exercise routine
No matter what type of exercise you choose, it is healthy to make a routine out of it. And, while we are on the subject of "going green", here is how you can participate in saving our planet:
  1. When you go out to exercise, leave all your electronics at home. Although it might feel good to listen to some music while running or exercising, your body needs a rest from the technology. Enjoy some solitude.
  2. While walking, running, or doing any other exercise, you can always collect trash and garbage from the streets. You can grab a bag, go for a run, and collect all the garbage you see on the streets. That way you get to help your body stay active, and you get to help our Earth be a bit cleaner.
  3. Always use recycled products. That goes for exercising clothes, bottles for water, or any other equipment that you use.
  4. Reduce your carbon footprint by lowering the use of your car. Instead, use a bicycle whenever you can. Energy consumption and global warming are serious problems, but if we all do our part, we might make a difference.
A person collecting trash outside.
Collecting trash while exercising is a good way to do something good for yourself and for the planet.

That's the way to do something good for yourself and for the planet!
I hope that these tips for a green exercise routine helped you get some ideas about what to do. Working out is a requirement, and one should always strive to exercise as much as possible

Nevertheless, your body needs rest as well, so try to balance working out and resting. And, it doesn't hurt to mention again, apply the "go green" attitude. Do something good for yourself and the planet, and you will feel a lot better, and be a happier person! Have a nice day!

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