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Why New York is one of the most sustainable cities in the world

A girl holding green Earth in her hand, symbolizing reason why New York is the one of the most sustainable cities in the world.

Energy sustainability is the key to a brighter future. It is not only a way to have better lives, but also to save our planet. Preserving our natural resources is getting tougher and tougher, and sustainability is one of the ways we can prevent this issue. A lot of cities are in this race, but the fact is that New York may well be in the first place. This article will cover all the reasons why New York is one of the most sustainable cities in the world!

New York's path to the most sustainable city in the world

Why is New York considered to be one of the most sustainable cities in the world? Creating and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle requires a lot of self-sacrifice and dedication. With that in mind, I can safely say that one of the most important reasons is because of its people!

New Yorkers have the will to make the change!

Without the will to make changes nothing will be accomplished. Will is one of the driving forces in everything we do in life. As mentioned above, practicing a sustainable lifestyle requires a lot of changes in your behavior. Furthermore, it also requires that you, as a person, become a role model for your friends and neighbors.
A drawing of two windmills.
If everyone made their contribution, practicing sustainable lifestyle wouldn’t have to be the same as fighting windmills.

New York protects its water sources

Combined efforts of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Health were able to make drastic changes when it comes to preserving freshwater sources in NY.
They have a lot of different projects running, with some of the more important ones being:
  • preserving the quality of unfiltered water
  • applying the best agricultural practices
  • fixing eroding stream banks
A management plan, including water supply, is top-notch and there is also a strong sustainability-based policy that applies.

Public policy for a successful sustainable life

New York is among those that can proudly say they have a good public policy that supports a sustainable lifestyle. Since people are turning towards using bicycles in their regular lives, you will notice that the number of bicycle lanes and parks is growing. One of the more famous options is the Citybike sharing station.

Urban gardening is a trend

When I was talking about New Yorkers being the prime force that drives NY into a sustainable future, that was not a joke. One of the many strategies they use is urban gardening. If you visit any of New York's parks, you will see a lot of urban gardens.
As a result, farmers' markets are showing up on every corner. The main focus is aimed at agriculture and the production of domestic fruits and vegetables.
Because of a healthy and "green" lifestyle that New York promotes and nurtures, you will see a lot of locations that have been turned into parks or gardens. A good example is an old railway called the High Lane.
Another trend that is catching up is that many restaurants open areas with gardens. Green is slowly becoming one of the main colors in New York!

Lowering carbon footprint is a must for everyone

Here is where the sustainability game reaches a whole other level. Reducing our carbon footprint is one of the most important goals to accomplish. Everyone should participate, without exceptions. These kinds of actions are what we need to improve our lifestyle, reduce expenses, create a healthy environment, and preserve our planet at the same time.
There are multiple ways that can help us reduce our carbon footprint. For starters, always use products that can be recycled. Say no to plastic bags! Furthermore, changing your car to an electric one will contribute on a large scale. A lot of people also find ways to save energy around the house, reducing the time they use electricity.
An image of green footprints.
One way that helps maintain the level of sustainability in New York is lowering your carbon footprint.

Lowering carbon footprint might look like fighting windmills, but it is an important goal to pursue. The majority of New Yorkers gladly accepted this lifestyle, and they are doing everything they can to contribute to the greater cause.

People practice green exercise routines

Practicing green exercise routines will not only help you look and feel better. It will also reduce your carbon footprint and help you be healthier.
And if there is one thing that is true, it is that New Yorkers, especially millennials, like to work out. Even though it is challenging and difficult at times, they will gladly do it.

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular

I mentioned electric cars before, but it is crucial to underline their importance. Since more and more people are buying them, we have to look at the real picture here - not all gas stations are equipped with electric charging. However, it is slowly becoming a thing. New York is open to all new markets that will improve it as a result of going electric.

New York attracts people with the same interests

Since New York is one of the most sustainable cities in the world, it also attracts people who have the same goals. If you are among those, looking for professionals to help you relocate to New York will be a piece of cake. The best of all, a lot of moving companies are "going green", so you can safely hire them without fearing you will increase your carbon footprint.
An image of a green garden with bamboo sticks in the back and a tower of rocks in the front.
Green gardens are an extremely popular option for many restaurant owners who wish to contribute to New York’s sustainability battle.

They are doing everything they can to make New York a better place for living, and also help their customers to become contributors to the general cause.

Become a part of New York!

I think that all the reasons why New York is one of the most sustainable cities in the world are more than enough to make everyone wish to become a part of it. This lifestyle is exciting and good, and it helps people feel better about themselves. It is not easy to follow this lifestyle, but it is worth all the hassle. Try it out, and you will see I am not mistaken! Good luck!

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