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How to have an eco-friendly international move

An average American moves almost 12 times in his/her lifetime. Each of those relocations leaves its mark on the planet that is becoming more vulnerable every day. Unfortunately, humans are the only ones to be blamed for this situation. But, the good news is that we are also the only ones who can prevent pollution from happening and make the Earth a better place for ourselves and the generations to come. If you are planning to move to another state or a country, but are worried about the outcome of such a process, we are here to help and show that you can have an eco-friendly international move only if you want to.

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Move only the things you will need
This is the general rule that can be applied to any type of relocation, but since the international move is the most expensive and the most harmful for the environment, it seems that it mustn't be overlooked here. Relocating the stuff you no longer need or that you are not so sure you will be using any more simply makes no sense. It doubles your time and energy wasted on packing and unpacking. Plus, you will be paying for the moving of such items. That is why getting rid of the unnecessary stuff before international relocation is crucial.
A messy storage room
Moving the items you do not need simply makes no sense

Remember, the less stuff you move, the less you will harm your environment since you will need fewer boxes and less packing material in general. In addition, you will be doing less back and forth trips!

Donate or recycle what you do not need
The items that are in good condition can be donated to a local charity or some other organization that accepts donations. Selling what you won't be moving is also an environmentally friendly option. Think about recycling all the rest before moving and starting over abroad. Some items are even pricier to move than to buy new ones once you reach your new home town. But, is that an environmentally friendly way to behave?

Use the packing materials that you already have
Some items just have to be packed in boxes for the safest transport, but many of our possessions don't. Why not use your bags or suitcases for packing clothes? If you have some reusable cotton bags or grocery store totes - those should be used too. Do not move empty containers, fill them with the items that are not so sensitive and you will save space on your moving truck or whichever means of transport you opt for for your international move.
Folded blankets to illustrate that you can have an eco-friendly international move if you use those instead of disposable wrapping materials
lankets can be used for wrapping – that’s how you can have an eco-friendly international move

Blankets, sheets, towels, and clothes can replace the wrapping materials that are used and thrown away after the relocation is over. They are very handy for protecting the breakable and delicate items.
Using the materials that already are in your possession will also alleviate the risk of getting infected by the novel virus if you are preparing for the move at the moment. Since nobody knows how long the global pandemic is going to last, it is better to be safe than sorry, right? Not getting in contact with too many people and products can help you stay healthy during the international move.
Some used supplies can be as good as new

Cardboard boxes can be used more than once, especially if they are made of good quality materials. If you have saved them from your previous relocation, you have done something good for the planet. But, if not, you can ask your friends or relatives who have moved recently whether they have some to lend you.

Grocery stores and local supermarkets are usually a nice source of cardboard boxes, but since the appearance of the COVID-19, they might not be the best option for you. If you really want to be on the safe side, you can ask the guys from companies such as to send you as many brand new boxes as you think you'll need and start packing. After your relocation is over, don't forget to resell or recycle those boxes and you'll be sure that you have had an eco-friendly international move.

A green moving company is the right choice for you if you are planning to have an eco-friendly international move
It is not a secret that the moving industry affects our ecosystem. However, not all the movers leave the same carbon footprint. Some are more aware of the impact they are making on our planet, so they opt for bio-diesel instead of regular gas. They also have vehicles that pass all the standards.
When hiring movers for your international move, it is crucial that you choose the right type of vehicle. Professional ones will know which one to recommend as soon as they find out where you are moving to and how many possessions you have. Choosing a smaller vehicle than necessary would mean that your movers will be making multiple tours, which is simply unacceptable for an international move. On the other hand, hiring a vehicle that is too big for your items is impractical since it probably consumes more fuel than the smaller one and leaves the bigger carbon footprint.

Consider shipping your possessions
Before making such a big step as moving to another country or a state, you should explore all of your options. Have you thought about shipping your household items? Many of them can easily be packed in containers and sent to your new address. If you opt for shipping your possessions by a train or a boat, you can be sure that your international move will make an insignificant impact on the environment.
Containers ready to be shipped
Maybe you can ship your possessions

There are ways for you to have an eco-friendly international move only if you want to. Choosing reusable materials and green movers is the best way to achieve your goal. The current pandemic has had a positive effect on the environment, let's try to maintain the positive course of the events for our planet even when it is over.


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