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Healthiest places to live in Florida: Top 10 greenest neighborhoods

It often happens that we get reminded of important environmental issues only when the time comes for celebrating certain dates. Following the World Environment Day on 5 June 2020, we're pointing our attention not only to the specific theme it's dedicated to but to all the aspects of healthy and sustainable living. While such days are extremely useful to promote environmental awareness, they are only the 1/365th part of the year when most of us do so. We leave the biggest impact if our communities make our way of life more eco-friendly throughout the year. Many Sunshine State communities have done just so, and some of them are ranking high among the greenest Florida neighborhoods.
Numerous solar panels on the roof of a family house

The greenest Florida neighborhoods
The warm and sunny Florida is a sufficiently attractive destination as it is, but even more so when it comes to green initiatives sprouting throughout the state. One can move and settle down in any part of the state and expect it is already a part of one, if not few, such initiatives. It doesn't mean that Florida is already a green haven. However, numerous communities are taking firm steps toward a healthier and more sustainable future of their residents.
1. Orlando
According to the Arbor Day Foundation, Orlando is the oldest community in Florida dedicated to urban forestry management. For 42 years straight, the city has been planting trees as a part of the Tree City USA program, making its neighborhoods healthier and more attractive. But that is not all. Orlando offers its citizens access to reclaimed (recycled) water that can be used for watering gardens, for example.
Numerous trees make Orlando one of the greenest Florida neighborhoods
Orlando is one of Florida cities, alongside Miami, Tallahassee, and Lakeland, which offers bike-sharing programs. Moreover, the city installs free bike racks at businesses to help reduce congestion and promote a healthier lifestyle. A network of more than forty miles of bike trails greatly helps.
2. Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale is, next to Orlando, one of over 180 Florida communities participating in the Tree City USA program. Its 40-year-long membership has made it one of the greenest Florida neighborhoods. The Green Your Routine initiative is a part of the city government's inter-departmental Green Team's actions. They are focusing on climate resiliency, responsible development and land use, sustainable building and livability, green space expansion, natural resources preservation, transportation and connectivity, as well as recycling and waste reduction.
3. Babcock Ranch
Babcock Ranch is a planned town near Fort Myers, occupying land in both Charlotte and Lee counties. It is famous for being a town created together by environmental planners and developers. Also, it has the largest solar-plus-storage system in the states powering the town. Babcock Ranch is not a gated community, but a town combining advanced technologies with sustainable living. 
4. St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg is a place of environmentally responsible living, seen especially in public transportation in the form of trolleys. Additionally, more than 22 miles of beaches are the center of attention and protection. Nature preserves and parks are common sighting spots of manatees, dolphins, and sea turtles. For those who wish to enjoy warm Florida nights outdoors, beachside camping is an exciting and eco-friendly activity.
Open market stalls offering fresh produce.
5. Tallahassee
The capital of Florida, Tallahassee is home to numerous parks offering not only a welcome respite and a breath of fresh air, but also environmental education to its visitors. Many of these parks have acclaimed conservation education centers promoting environmental protection and outdoor activities like hiking or birdwatching. The city itself shifts toward sustainable energy sources like solar energy and biofuel.
6. West Palm Beach
West Palm Beach is a perfect destination to enjoy lovely Florida weather as it is among the most pedestrian-friendly cities in the state. More and more restaurants meet the eco-friendly farm-to-table policy and provide meals made from local produce or Fair Trade products. A large number of green lodging and dining options and eco-friendly attractions make West Palm Beach excellent for all nature-lovers. All that's left to do is to contact a professional moving company such as State to State Move and start your new life by having an eco-friendly relocation.
7. Tampa
Tampa, the third most populous city in Florida, is one of the most walkable cities in the state. But it doesn't stop the city to favor bike-sharing, ferries, and the use of the historic streetcar system. The city is home to the University of South Florida and its vast gardens where they even produce honey on campus.
A yellow Tampa streetcar.
8. Sarasota
Sarasota is a town of environmentally conscious people who understand the meaning of sustainability. Hence, it doesn't surprise that Sarasota is one of the greenest Florida neighborhoods thanks to its residents. It is perhaps one of the rare communities where citizens are united around a common goal - healthier living for all. They are devoted to wildlife that surrounds them as much as to their own need to live in an eco-friendly community.
9. Miami
Miami is home to the pedestrian-friendly downtown and miles of beaches and boardwalks. However, the city is also famous for its numerous green initiatives that make a positive impact on the environment. The government has recognized the need for environmental planning and incorporates good practices, such as green building codes, for example, that can help make your house more eco-friendly.
As a growing number of environmentally conscious tourists shape that industry, many new hotels in Miami conform to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards. The city is implementing the Citi Bike program to popularize cycling and reduce car fuel emissions. Many popular bike trails are spread throughout the city. Moreover, Miami based Audubon Florida focuses on conservation and restoration of natural ecosystems and wildlife in Florida. 
10. Key West
The Keys are perhaps most famous for the wildlife and protection of endangered species in the Gulf of Mexico. It is home to a deer refuge, a bird sanctuary, and the Butterfly & Nature Conservatory. For tourists, Key West arranges tours on the SQUID, a solar-powered, electric charter boat. Aside from electric car rentals, Key West is supporting cycling and is a pedestrian-friendly town.

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