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Ways households in California are going green

As the planet is becoming increasingly endangered, people all over the world are looking for ways to make the situation better. In California specifically, there are several ways that households are going green. At first, following these measures may be hard, but soon, they become second nature.
Planet Earth wrapped in leaves

Unfortunately, a lot of people in California have grown accustomed to certain habits they should change. These changes may be hard, and they require dedication. However, those people who (rightfully so) care about the planet, will only need some patience and the will to go green.

While there are several ways to help the environment - for example, by having a green exercise routine - in this post, we will focus on what households in California are doing in order to go green. We hope that our readers will take note of the examples in this post, because every household counts!

Eliminate water waste
One way that Californians are going green is by trying to not waste any water unnecessarily. People don't usually think about water when it comes to their habits pertaining to eco-friendliness. However, this is an important factor that you should certainly be aware of. Throughout the history of California, there have been issues with water availability, so it should be almost a tradition for Californians to care about this issue.
A faucet and some water dripping.
If you are going green, you can’t waste any water!
First of all, making sure that there are no water leaks in the household is the way to go. Such leaks cause a very large amount of water to be wasted, which is something you should definitely avoid. Another, less obvious way to conserve water is to turn it off while you are washing your hands, brushing your teeth, etc. You may think that during this short period of time you can't waste a substantial amount of water, but in reality, the opposite is true, so don't let all that water go to waste.

Moving to a green community
Another way that Californians are going green is by moving to a green community. Such community households are dedicated to preserving nature and integrating with the environment in a way that isn't harmful. The idea is that, together, we can help the environment a lot more than we could do it individually. So, consider whether a move to one of the green communities could perhaps be the right thing for you. 

If you decide to move to a green community household in California, you should do so with the help of a moving company that cares about the environment. You’ll have to do a bit of digging to find one, but they’re out there (Mod Movers California certainly fit the bill, for example). What's more, reliable movers will save you plenty of time, and at an affordable price too, so in a huge majority of cases there really is no reason to move on your own.

Household changes to make when going green
There are some changes anyone can make inside their household in order to make it more eco-friendly. Installing particular light bulbs that don't use much energy is one of the things you can do. These light bulbs are not much more expensive than regular bulbs. In fact, they are rather affordable. Moreover, they will last longer than regular light bulbs, meaning that, in the long run, using such light bulbs pays-off, financially speaking. Given that using them is good for the environment too, this is a win-win situation.
Solar panels.
Solar panels are just the thing – if you can afford them.
When it comes to energy, there is another option, albeit one that is too expensive for most households, Californian or otherwise - installing solar panels. These panels create energy and work wonders when it comes to the health of the environment. Eventually, they can generate enough energy that you can sell some of it, but it takes a long time before that becomes possible. Still, without doubt solar panels are the future, with solar farms becoming increasingly popular.   

Eliminate heat waste
The next thing to think about involves heating. Namely, similarly to preventing the waste of water, those households in California that are concerned about the health of Mother Earth are also looking to prevent the waste of heat. Unfortunately, many people have the tendency to accumulate unnecessary heat, by forgetting to turn off the heating when they do not need it. This way, energy is thrown down the drain, and with it, your wallet suffers too.

A very useful addition to any household in this regard is a smart meter. This is one of the modern technological marvels that make our lives much easier, and our homes much smarter. You can set-up smart meter devices so that they switch on only at certain times. So, for example, if you are leaving the household at 8 AM, you will not need the heating to be turned on at 7:30 AM. Instead of turning it off manually (or forgetting to do so), you can rely on the smart meter to do it for you. These devices can save you some trouble and help make the environment healthier.

Shopping and growing your own food
Whole pears, the kind you’ll need if you want to go green.
Buying whole foods can reduce the need for plastic containers.
Any household that is concerned with ecology is also concerned with the way shopping for groceries is handled. Namely, buying groceries usually comes with much ecologically dangerous waste.

So, instead of getting groceries in plastic bags, bring containers of your own that you can use again later on. Also consider jars and other items made of glass where you can store groceries right after buying them. Plastic is generally avoided in eco-conscious California households, and this goes for shopping, too. Also, when buying vegetables and fruits, it is good to buy such food whole, as chopped-up vegetables and fruits come packed in plastic. This involves some extra work with personally chopping the food, but it is certainly worth it.

Finally, California households that are going green may also have their own gardens. And this trend isn't reserved strictly for California; for example, one of the reasons why New York is one of the most sustainable cities in the world is precisely because of the many gardens its residents are growing. Having your own garden greatly lessens the danger of food waste. And in the time when people all over the world are in the danger of being confined to their homes, growing your own garden can be just what you need.

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