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Top 3 most sustainable cities in New Jersey

As the planet is becoming increasingly endangered, it is important to choose a city for yourself where you can live in a healthy, eco-friendly environment. This is why we have taken a look at the best sustainable cities in New Jersey. Energy and water consumption, the use of solar energy, the public transportation system, nature preservation - these are just some of the most important factors to consider when it comes to the degree of sustainability that these distinguished cities possess.

Jersey City

This is the second most populated city in the state, with only Newark having more residents. But, even with all those people, Jersey City is still one of the more eco-friendly cities in New Jersey. What's more, there are frequently new and updated programs aimed at making Jersey City as sustainable as possible. Where there once were brownfields, now there are parks. Agriculture within the urban core of the city is thriving and is now more popular than ever. Mass transit is increasing, as well as the use of solar energy and biking.

Jersey City.
Jersey City is certainly one of the most sustainable cities in New Jersey.
 Many people are using public transportation to get to work - more than half of the city's population in fact. Some people are walking, while others are carpooling. All in all, not that many people are driving by themselves to work, which is good for the environment. However, driving a bike is not popular in Jersey City, which is an issue that will be looked into. 

Moreover, the quality of air is only moderate. While it is not necessary for a city to have air as clean as in Honolulu, the quality of air should at least be slightly better than average. It is interesting that one of the most sustainable cities in the world, New York, suffers from the same problem.


There are a lot of people in Newark. So much, in fact, that with 277,140 residents, this is the most populated city in New Jersey. However, that doesn't stop Newark from being one of the most sustainable cities in New Jersey. There were many programs recently implemented in Newark aimed at protecting the environment and making the city a more safe place where you wouldn't mind having your kids grow up.
Newark, one of the top sustainable cities in New Jersey.
Newark is both a beautiful and an ecologically-conscious city.
Neighborhoods are kept clean and toxins, that could otherwise have been dangerous, were removed in large quantities. New playgrounds are being introduced, and the ones already existing are being renovated. With lots of well-kept parks and playgrounds, there's certainly somewhere you can take your kids in order to have a nice time outdoors. With the truly beautiful natural attractions and abundant green spaces, Newark is truly a green city. A lot is being done to preserve the nature and help it through various community and city projects. Recently, there have been attempts to make the energy and water systems more efficient and affordable. With the work underway, we expect to see Newark among the best cities in New Jersey when it comes to utility efficiency. 


Elizabeth used to be widely known as a thriving industrial city, but recently, it has become more ecologically conscious. This is the result of hard work, which was necessary in order to create a more sustainable lifestyle. Partnered with nonprofit organizations, the city is catering to its green spaces. Acres of new trees were planted in the last year, and in the vicinity of Elizabeth River, there is a great 2.25 mile hiking trail. This city is one of the best in the USA when it comes to recycling, with its recycling programs frequently winning awards and attention from the media, including an award from the distinguished magazine, Popular Science, which has placed Elizabeth among the greenest cities in the USA. 

Elizabeth is excelling when it comes to the number and efficiency of community programs. While the state is moderately supportive, a large number of all projects related to sustainability in this city are community-managed. They seek to prevent food injustice and to enhance the urban environment in terms of quality of life and eco-friendliness.


Another formerly very industrial city, Paterson is now an exemplary New Jersey city when it comes to sustainability. The head of Passaic County, the city of Paterson and county officials are doing an impressive job pertaining to preserving the environment and creating a truly sustainable city. Eco-friendly architecture projects, frequent energy audits, environmentally responsible mass transit - these are just some of the projects that have recently made Paterson a more green city. So, if you want to move with ease and stress-free in Passaic County, and still have a green relocation, choose Paterson as your destination.
The city of Paterson.
Paterson takes great care so as to preserve the environment.
The all-around status of other important city components related to sustainability in Paterson is rather positive. The use of solar energy is steadily increasing. In the next few years, approximately 10 percent of the population in Paterson will be using natural energy sources. The majority of the population is using public transportation, with others walking or biking, with an acceptable number of regular drivers.

Moving to one of the most sustainable cities in New Jersey

Once you have chosen a highly sustainable city in New Jersey that will be perfect for your needs, you will need to move there. Moving on your own is a rather hard and time-consuming process, which is why most people are relocating with the help of the professionals.

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To conclude

Apart from these top sustainable cities in New Jersey, there are a few more places to choose from. Trenton and Camden, for example, can be commended in this aspect, but they are still no match for the four cities we have discussed. Jersey City, Newark, Elizabeth, and Paterson, are standing head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to the care that goes into their sustainability programs, as well as because of their immense dedication to keeping the environment healthy.


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