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Vietnam's approach to defeat coronavirus COVID19 | 4 steps to defeat COVID19

The coronavirus COVID19 pandemic has surprised the world. More than 13,476,803 (13 Million) cases have been reported in different countries. COVID19 unleashed an economic crisis that affected all economies regardless of income level.
Vietnam strees

Almost every single country had to endure a quarantine and a lockdown. Even the biggest economies have been affected. However, some emerging economies have defeated the pandemic and experienced little impacts. One of such successful cases is Vietnam

Vietnam has a close relationship with China (the origin of the virus), with whom it shares a 1000 km border. Vietnam has big population congregated in populous cities like Ho Chi min of Hanoi. 

Vietnam was highly exposed to coronavirus from China. Nevertheless, it has reported few cases, no death, and no new cases in the last 3 months.
No coronavirus deaths in Vietnam

How did Vietnam defeated coronavirus COVID19?

In this post we will summarize the 4 points on Vietnam’s successful coronavirus COVID19 experience.

1 Preparedness

Vietnam and other Asian countries have vast experience dealing with viral epidemias. Both the country and the people were already prepared.

During the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) epidemia (2003), the country prioritized population health over concerns for the economic impact of its response. Officials deployed a multi-sector response incorporating military, public security services and grassroot organizations while ensuring that transparent risk communication and effective community mobilization were emphasized throughout the outbreak.

The use of face masks is an everyday common activity in Vietnam, as normal as wearing a shirt.

2 Early action

Vietnam began preparations for COVID19 as soon as China confirmed its first cases.

Screening and mandatory quarantine were implemented in all airports and entrance points as soon as China confirmed its first dead (January 11, 2020). Every single passenger was tested, isolated and quarantined (if needed).

The same month (January 2020) all schools were closed, and severe travel restrictions were implemented.

3 Intelligent Testing

Rich countries were to perform massive testing. However, massive testing is expensive and complicated. For such reason, most countries failed at performing massive testing.

Vietnam overcame the limitations of massive testing by performing “intelligent testing”. Initial testing was performed on everyone who may have had a recent travel exposure or other contact with a confirmed case.

Testing was performed at all the entry points to Vietnam: airports, ports, and terrestrial borders. Every single person arriving to Vietnam was tested, isolated and quarantined (if needed).

4 Communication

The government implemented a massive communication campaign informing about the virus and preventive measures. Every mass communication alternative was included; mass texts to mobile phones, loudspeaker announcements, street posters, press and social media posts, websites and hotlines dedicated to risk communication.

The communication campaign is compared to a country at war against an enemy virus in order to consolidate support and compliance with public health measures among citizens.
Vietnam Hanoi street


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